Said Seyam martyred in an Israeli occupation airstrike اغتيال سعيد صيام وزير الداخلية فى حكومة اسماعيل هنية

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غزة – المركز الفلسطيني للإعلام
استشهد سعيد صيام، القيادي في حركة المقاومة الإسلامية “حماس”، وزير الداخلية في الحكومة الشرعية برئاسة إسماعيل هنية، ونجله وشقيقه وعائلة الأخير في قصف جوي صهيوني استهدف منزلاً في منطقة اليرموك في قلب مدينة غزة.
وقالت مصادر في حركة “حماس” إن الشيخ صيام ارتقى شهيداً هو وابنه محمد (21 عاماً) وذلك في مجزرة جديدة نفذها الطيران الحربي الصهيوني بقصف منزل الشيخ إياد صيام شقيق وزير الداخلية الفلسطيني سعيد صيام ما أسفر عن استشهادهما والشيخ إياد وعائلته التي كانت داخل المنزل لحظة قصفه. وأضافت تقول إن مرافق الشهيد صيام استشهد أيضاً في المجزرة، إضافة إلى امرأة هي زوجة إياد صيام وأربعة مواطنين في منزل مجاور بينهم ثلاثة أطفال.
وقال شهود عيان إن الطيران الصهيوني قصف بصاروخين من العيار الثقيل المنزل في منطقة مكتظة بالسكان، مما أدى إلى تدمير العديد من منازل المواطنين.
وأضافت المصادر تقول إن القيادي في حركة “حماس” سعيد صيام كان في زيارة عائلية لمنزل شقيقه في حي الشيخ رضوان بقطاع غزة حين قصفه الطائرات الحربية الصهيونية.
وفور سماع نبأ استشهاد الشيخ سعيد صيام؛ بدأت مكبرات الصوت في المساجد بنعي الشهيد القائد، وقالت أنه لحق بإخوانه القادة الشهداء الذين ارتقوا من قبل أمثال الشيخ أحمد ياسين والدكتور الرنتيسي وإبراهيم المقاومة والمهندس إسماعيل أبو شنب وجمال منصور وجمال سليم والشيخ صلاح شحادة وأخيراً بالشهيد القائد الشيخ نزار ريان الذي ارتقى هو الآخر في غارة مماثلة استشهد هو و15 من أفراد بينهم نساؤه الأربعة.
GAZA, (PIC)– Said Seyam, a prominent Hamas leader and Interior Minister of the elected government of Ismail Haneyya, was martyred Thursday evening along with his son, his brother and his brother’s wife in an Israeli airstrike at a house in the Yarmouk neighbourhood at the centre of Gaza city.
Hamas sources said that Seyam was martyred when Israeli occupation airforce bombed the house of Sheikh Eyad Seyam, the brother of Said Seyam during a visit by the latter to his brother’s house.
The bodyguard of Said Seyam was also martyred in the attack along with his brother and his brother’s wife.
Four other citizens from a neighbouring house were killed in the airstrike, three of them childre.
Eyewitnesses said that Israeli occupation airplanes fired two rockets at the house of Said Seyams brother.
Hamas mourned Said Seyam saying that leaders of the movement were always at the forefront and that Seyam has joined previous martyrs of the movement such as Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, Dr. Abdel-Aziz al-Rantisi, Ibrahim al-Maqdmah, Ismail Abu Shanab, Jamal Mansour, Jamal Salim, Salah Shehadeh and Dr. Nizar al-Rayyan.
Said Seyam was born on 22 July 1959 at the Shati’ Rafugee camp to the west of Gaza City as his family was uprooted in 1948 from the village of Jura near the city of Askalan.
He graduated at the Teachers College in Ramallah in 1980 with a Diploma in teaching sience and maths. He earned a degree in Islamic Studies from the Jerusalem Open University in 2000.
He taught at UNRWA schools in Gaza from 1980 till 2003 when he resigned as a result of harassment of the employer because of his political affiliation.
He worked as a voluntary Imam of the Yarmouk Mosque in Gaza city as well as other mosques in the Gaza Strip.
He participated in the reconciliation committees formed by late Shiekh Ahmad Yassin during the first intifada.
He was a trustee of the Islamic university, a founder member of the Future Research Centre, head of external relations department and a member of the political leadership of the Hamas movement.
He was elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2006 and was appointed Interior Minister in the tenth PA government.
He was married and a father of six children.

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Free Gaza / Palestina Libre

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after what has happened in massacres gaza I just have astrange feelings and sensations for what the meaning of the live in this world today , it mean easy to loose your life , be killed without any help to avoid or prevent this
where is the justic , where are the values of human rights , where are the free people all over the world to prevent the slaughters in gaza , i don,t talk only about gaza but about any violation in any place against human rights for living , i begin to feel that there is no any benefits for presence of the united nations
we saw ahuge of demonstrations all over the world standing against the war on gaza but israel .did,t respect that , israel didn,t respect the descion of the united nation for stop the war in gaza
I beleive there is adoor for solution but the key of this door must be with us not with usa or united nations oR europe or israeil

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