BOOKMARX 16/3/2009

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Egyptian Revolution is coming الثورة المصرية قادمة

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the fucking binladen audio recording about the previous war in gaza

15 Mar 2009, written by

osama binladen and the other terrorist ayman elzawahry are realy fucking minds , of course america is the head of imperialism in this world but it not mean this imperalism against only muslims , or the arabes , it is against the whole

world , also which the ways that binladen used in the facing with usa only killing the civil citizens in newyourk , lodon, madrid , algeria and morocco ,saudiaarabia>>……………………………..

the crazy binladen i wish to know who give him the permission to kill the people , he said allah ? which god who gave ahuman permission tokill his brothers in huminity

in this audio recorder the fucking binladen speake about the previous war in gaza , the reaction of the arabe regimes with these massacres and how can the fucking terrorists in iraq can go to palestine through jordan to fight against israeil

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Story of apolitical detainee inside SS in mahalla

14 Mar 2009, written by

this story is for dr mammdoh elmonier who was detained in aroom beside  me in the state security station in Mahalla elkubra , mammdoh is ablogger , political activist and member of muslim brothers hood

they arrested him in 8 april from his house due to  coverage at his blog the event of 6 april strike

i thing regardless of his political ideas we have to read his story and publish it

click here  to read the full story

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state security pigs station كمين أمن دولة

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