Mahalla police pig جزار الداخلية فى المحلة هيثم الشامى

13 Aug 2009, written by

Mahall police pig بلطجى الداخلية فى المحلة هيثم الشامى by you.

هيثم الشامى..رئيس مباحث قسم اول المحلة..تصوير محمد مرعى

هذا هو هيثم الشامى ليس غنى عن التعريف فهو اشهر ظباط الداخلية فى المحلة الكبرى الذين لا يتوانون عن استخدام العنف والبلطجة ضد المواطنين الابرياء فى المحلة والتى كان منها قضية التعذيب التى كشفنا عنها والتى مازالت مفتوحة حتى الان ضد اسرة المواطن المحلاوى علاء السيد شرف فقد قام هذا الجزار

بالتعدى بالضرب المبرح على اسرة علاء وتوجية اعنف الشتائم القذرة لزوجتة واولادة ..لقراءة تفاصيل قضية التعذيب هذة اضغط هنا

لا ننسى ايضا ان هيثم الشامى كان لة دور قذر ايضا هو وباقى كلاب الداخلية فى المحلة الكبرى فى احداث المحلة 6 ابريل 2008 فأغلب الذين تم القبض عليهم فى الاحداث من اهالى المحلة كان بأمر من هيثم الشامى والذى تؤكد كل الوقائع ان القضايا التى لفقت للمعتقلين ان ذاك والمسجونين ال22 الان من تهم الشغب والتخريب وحيازة اسلحة وسرقات تم بمعرفة هذا الكلب والذى يدعى هيثم الشامى ……….ياريت ياجماعة ما تنسوش الاسم ولا الشكل دة لان اكيد قريب قوى هنشوفة خلف القضبان

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urgent:-Abu-Esba,e workers in Mahalla on strike again

12 Aug 2009, written by

I got acalling from abu-sba,e workers in Mahalla since 30 minutes ago

told me that they have started their strike again as the factory owner Ismaeil abu-esba,e Refused to give them their other financial dues .more than 1000 of workers (Men and womens)are out side the factory now .

actually shabab I,m so busy for going to cover this strike and may be after 2 hours I,ll be able to be there  so I invite the activists,journalists and Bloggers to be just on contact with the strikers in Mahalla

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فيديوهات:- اعتصام موظفى الضرائب العقارية اليوم 11اغسطس2009

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My Delicious BookMarx 11-AUG-2009

11 Aug 2009, written by

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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Egypt’s Tax Collectors on strike

11 Aug 2009, written by

Tax collectors denounce crackdown on their free union by 3arabawy - صَحـَـفي مِصـْـري

Real Estate Tax collectors in their strike by Hossam El-Hamalawy

By Hossam el-Hamalawy

More than 1000 property tax collectors are staging a sit-in, downtown Cairo, demanding job reforms and a halt to what they called a crackdown on their independent union.

Protestors—wearing facial “swine flu” masks, with the words “Independent Union” written on them—are accusing Finance Minister Youssef Boutross Ghali of “betraying” a deal struck with the independent representatives over a social welfare fund on 28 July, by which every retired tax collector would have received a 110-month pay.

“After issuing a Ministerial Decree, documented in the official state organ, the minister ‘readjusted’ his decree and gave the project to the government union,” Tarek Mostafa, a Qalyoubia tax collector and the independent union’s treasurer, said bitterly. “We are here today to make the whole world know we are against this, and will fight till the last breath to defend our children’s money,” continued Mostafa as he tried with difficulty to move between the crowd in Hussein Hegazi Street, facing the ministerial cabinet headquarters.

At least five Central Security Forces trucks have arrived quickly in the scene, with black-uniformed soldiers in full gear, forming a cordon around the protestors, but no clashes are reported. Plainclothes security informers could be spotted on both ends of street. continue

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