Letter to The Swedish Ambassador in cairo

29 Sep 2009, written by


Dear Mr. Ambassador,
My name is Mohammed Maree and I am a secular Egyptian  blogger.  I’m a friend of Per Björklund who was stopped and prevented from entering Egypt for unfair reasons at Cairo airport.  We wish you sir to do what you can to help Per, who is just interested in covering the updates of the labour movement in egypt.  I am sure he did nothing illegal.  All of us bloggers treat Per as Egyptian.  I don’t know why the Western adminstrations still support Mubarak’s dictatorial regime despite how they repress Egyptian opposition—especially bloggers—and foreign activists.
I read that the Swedish embassy couldn’t find out where the Egyptian security has detained Per.   I urge you please to do all you can to find him and please let us know if we, his friends and colleagues, can help in any way.


Mohammed Maree


I received this replying from the swedish embassy in cairo

Dear Mr. Mohammed Maree,

The Embassy has been dealing with this matter with priority all day and evening yesterday, and continue to do so today. Our aim is to obtain information concerning his exact whereabouts, and to get consular access to him, in order to assist him.

Joakim Vaverka

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EgyTimes BookMarx 29-Sep-2009

29 Sep 2009, written by

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عاجل :- سلطات الامن فى مطار القاهرة توقف المدون وائل عباسWael Abbas to be stopped at the Cairo Airport

29 Sep 2009, written by

قامت سلطات الامن فى مطار القاهرة بتوقيف المدون وائل عباس اثناء سفرة الى لندن واستولوا على الباسبور الخاص بة ..يذكر ان هذة ليست المرة الاولى التى يتم توقيف فيها وائل فقد تم توقيفة مرتين قبل ذلك منها اثناء عودتة من مؤتمر كان منعقد فى السويد عن المجتمع المدنى حيث تم  الاستيلاء على جهاز الاب توب الخاص بة

The Mubarak,s police thugs at the cairo airport stopped the journalist and blogger wael abbas on his way to London to attend a media conference.. abbas said at his twitter that they took his passaport ,called his name and told him to stay out side the security office .

this is not the the first time for stopping abbas at the airport ,they stoped him two times beore before, one of both while he was coming back from sweden after attending aconference about the civil soceity and we can,t forget what the fucking police did with him when they took his laptop

follow wael abbas on twitter for more updates


تم السماح لوائل بركوب الطائرة  المتجة الى لندن ..مبروك

finally >> the police thugs at the cairo airport allowed wael abbas to catch his flight to london

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احتجاز صحفى ومدون سويدى فى مطار القاهرة Swedish journalist and Blogger banned at cairo airport

29 Sep 2009, written by



احتجزت منذ فجر امس سلطات الامن فى مطار القاهرة الصحفى والمدون السويدى بير ومازالت حتى الان تمنعة من دخول مصر ..وهددتة انة سيتم ترحيلة الى براغ مكان وصولة مرة اخرى دون اعطائة اسباب واضحة لمنعة من الدخول غير ان اسمة مسجل على قوائمهم المعروفة…..  يذكر ان بير من انشط الصحفيين الاجانب المهتمين بمتابعة وتغطية الحركات الاحتجاجية والاجتماعية التى تشهدها مصر الان خاصة الاضرابات العمالية منها.فكان احد الصحفيين الاجانب الذين غطوا احداث انتفاضة المحلة فى ابريل 2008 اضافة الى انة قد غطى محاكمة معتقلى المحلة على خلفية هذة الاحداث

كنت قد اتصلت ببير لمعرفة تفاصيل ما يحدث معة فى المطار فكانت اجابتة انة منتظر ولا يعرف ماذل سيحدث فى الساعات القادمة

the Mubarak,s polic thugs at the cairo airport has banned aswedish journalist and blogger Per Bjorklund from entering Egypt since around 9 hours ago , they told him that he will be deported to the pragu

per is considerd one the activists and journalists who interesting in covering the updates of the labour movement and the Human Rights issues in Egypt

I have called per two times before his phone was being switched off he told me he just was waiting and don,t know what is going on in the coming hours, I  asked him if we could send alawyer to him said no>> and added that he wouldn,t be  able to talk again in his mobile ,and this what happened exactly when Hossam El-hamalawy called him and found the per,s mobile was switched off


The Associated Press: Swedish journalist prevented from entering Egypt

Swedish journalist detained at Cairo airport


updates:-(via sarra carr) Per is in Airport 1, Sala 3 according to an airport source.

Swedish embassy: the Egy police have officially declared Per persona non grata.#FreePer

3arabawy: According to AP @perbj will b deported on next flight 2 prague on Thursday #freeper

3arabawy) السفارة السويدية: الشرطة المصرية أعلنت رسمياً أنها تعتبر (بير) شخصاً غير مرغوب في وجوده في مصر #freeper


Multi Media coverage the stopping of the Swedish Journalist and Blogger Per Bjorklund at the cairo airport

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Pittsburgh Police Brutality @ G20

28 Sep 2009, written by

click out to see more of videos and read reports about the Pittsburgh Police Brutality at the g20 summit >> after you watch these videos you will be not able to differentiate between the usa assholes police and the one of the General Habib EL-Adly here in Egypt

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