Names of injured and killed people in cairo bomb

24 Feb 2009, written by

The Ministry of Health announced the names of  people who were injured and killed in the blast :-

French woman killed called :-   Cecile Vanier 17

wounding 24 others, French, Egyptian and sauadian and one German:—-

injured with the French are: -

England Mallawi 14 years old—  Quentin Iriadarcys 14 years old— Hugo Bimont 14 years old—Duffy Bolm 13 years old—Cruz Benot 13 years old—Vabanntin Duhar 17 years old— Alice Dumoulin 14 years  old—Eleanor Qosad 17 years old— Virgily Herrmilin 15 years old— The ESA Rysalto 17 years old— Paul Afont for 17 years old—Melanie Bertolux 18— Mohammed Msatra 17 years old—Pauline Binsard 16 years old— Jolene Porti 14 years old— Johan Remo 16 years old—Walid Yahayo 14 years old.

Injured three Egyptians they are:-

Mohamed Salah Mohamed worsted 14 years old—Mohammad Hussein Mohammad 37 years old— Mr. Talat Pole 23 years old.

people injured from the Saudia arabia:-

Soliloquized Hade 30 years old—Yahya Ali Moussa 27 years old—Mohammed Naji Lakes 32 years old

injured  a German tourist :-

Iorgan Steinbach 57 years old

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