Libya:- The situation + Vids

18 Jan 2011, written by

I,m so  happy for having found this website which highlights the events that took place two days ago in the city of white (Elbeda) East to the Capital of Libya ,Trapolis . I think the content of this repot  is very important for those who interested in the affairs of Libya and for who would like to be close from what happen there , especially the effect of the Tunisia revolution at the Libyans that reflected on the ground by a demonstrations organized by thousands of people protesting the continued housing Crisis.

, you will also find a links to most of what Published about the situation in Libya , in ( Amnesty-BBC-Aljazeera-Wikileaks-Others ),also you will find a links for more of Videos about the Riots of yesterday

Click here :- Libya:- The situation + Vids

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