Kareem Amer,s latest Letter from prison خطاب من كريم عامر

21 Dec 2009, written by

kareem amer كريم عامر  by you.

Via Free Kareem Blog

Egyptian blogger and Kareem’s friend Wa7damasrya received a letter from Kareem noting that he feels lonely as he hasn’t received a letter from anyone in a while. He feels very sad because a lot of prisoners were set free after serving 3/4 of their sentence, except for him. All the other prisoners who were released after 3/4 of their sentence were originally there for criminal behavior that includes theft, violence, and drug trafficking. Kareem wonders how this regime pardoned people who committed actual crimes and did not pardon him despite the fact that his only “crime” was expressing his opinions online.

He is waiting for the decision on the 22nd of December, and he still has hope that he may get released after this upcoming and final appeal. He wishes to be free and that people don’t forget him in these days.

Kareem’s lawyer tried to visit him, but was actually rejected from meeting Kareem twice this year even though she had a written permission to do so.

He adds that his case was presented to a State Security committee with other prisoners who completed 3/4 of their sentence, and that the state security officials who refused to release him are the same ones who are rejecting visitiors to Kareem. This is a punishment of its own merely because of Kareem’s views and published articles, rejected by the regime and extremists alike.

Please, we ask you all to write to Kareem and let him know that he’s far from alone in this struggle. Please let him know that you’ll be there for him and ready to fight back if his final appeal tomorrow is rejected.

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December 23, 2009 9:19 am

feeling very sad for him…Please keep updating us with his news