Letter to The Swedish Ambassador in cairo

29 Sep 2009, written by


Dear Mr. Ambassador,
My name is Mohammed Maree and I am a secular Egyptian  blogger.  I’m a friend of Per Björklund who was stopped and prevented from entering Egypt for unfair reasons at Cairo airport.  We wish you sir to do what you can to help Per, who is just interested in covering the updates of the labour movement in egypt.  I am sure he did nothing illegal.  All of us bloggers treat Per as Egyptian.  I don’t know why the Western adminstrations still support Mubarak’s dictatorial regime despite how they repress Egyptian opposition—especially bloggers—and foreign activists.
I read that the Swedish embassy couldn’t find out where the Egyptian security has detained Per.   I urge you please to do all you can to find him and please let us know if we, his friends and colleagues, can help in any way.


Mohammed Maree


I received this replying from the swedish embassy in cairo

Dear Mr. Mohammed Maree,

The Embassy has been dealing with this matter with priority all day and evening yesterday, and continue to do so today. Our aim is to obtain information concerning his exact whereabouts, and to get consular access to him, in order to assist him.

Joakim Vaverka

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