Five Detained After Cairo Bomb Blast القبض على خمسة مشتبة بهم فى احداث الحسين

23 Feb 2009, written by

CAIRO — Security officials said Monday they had detained five people — three men in their 20s and two women — a day after the first terrorist attack in Cairo in years left a French teenager dead and wounded at least 20 other people.

The attack, an explosion on the crowded Hussein Square, one of the main tourist stops in Cairo, sent hundreds scrambling for cover just before nightfall on Sunday continue


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Leon Trotsky ليون تروتسكى

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Ousted Habib Aldli أقيلوا حبيب العادلى

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Tourists hit by Cairo bomb blast فيديوهات تفجيرات الحسين الارهابية

23 Feb 2009, written by

 A bomb explosion in Cairo has killed a French tourist and injured more than 23 other people, mostly foreign tourists.



also another video for elhussein explosion click here ,/ here and here

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EL-Hussein Explosion Bookmarks 23-2-2009

23 Feb 2009, written by

Explosion in hussein twon in cairoعملية أرهابية فى منطقة الحسين بالقاهرة

Explosion in Al-Azhar area at 3arabawy

Report: explosion in Cairo at The Arabist

Rantings of a Sandmonkey ” Terrorist Attack In Cairo!

#cairobomb – Twitter Search

Explosion at Hussein Mosque in Cairo—إنفجار عند جامع الحسين بالقاهرة ” Grey Wool Knickers

Khan el-Khalili, Cairo Tourist Bazaar, Hit By Bomb Explosion

Global Voices Online ” Egypt: Bloggers React to Cairo bombings

Blast in Cairo “

Bomb Blast Kills Tourist in Cairo –

AFP: Egypt arrests three over deadly bazaar bombing

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Suspects detained in Cairo blast


يالالالى:-/بالصور … تفجيرات الحسين

Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Three arrested over Cairo bombing

FOXNEWS :-Tourists Wounded in Blast Outside Historic Cairo Mosque

REUTERS :- Two foreigners among four dead in Cairo blast: police

Deaths in Egypt mosque blast

مقتل سيدة فرنسية فى انفجار قنبلة بمنطقة الحسين ..والنائب العام يكلف محققى النيابة بالانتقال لموقع الحادث

اقيلوا الكلب حبيب العادلى jaiku

jaiku/دم الضحايا ليس فى رقبة من فجروا ولكن فى الاساس فى رقبة من اهملوا امن المواطن على حساب امن النظام

jaiku/all of these fucking explosions occur as the fucking mubarak regime care of political security than criminal one


إصابات بانفجار قنبلة في حي الحسين بقلب القاهرة

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