stop The War Coilation

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BOOKMARX 28/3/2009

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Ghazl shebeen worker إيهاب شلبي – عامل في شركة غزل شبين الكوم

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this is arecorded video for Ehape shalapy ghazl shebeen worker who was talking in e-socialist studies center in 22 may 2007 about the conditions of the workers in the factory after privitized to abusiness man from india

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Hakky movement Exihibtion in mansoura tomorrow

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Progaza detaine diaa gad released

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the state security pigs in Egypt released  the activist and blogger diaa elddin gad after 49 days without charges

they arrested him due to his solidarity with the resistance in gaza

sarra carr report in the dailynews :-

CAIRO: A detained Egyptian blogger has been released without charge 49 days after he was seized by state security investigations forces outside his home.

Diaa Eddin Gad, a 23-year-old student who runs the “Angry Voice” blog on which he posted criticism of the Egyptian government’s policy on the Israeli invasion of Gaza, disappeared on the afternoon of Feb 6.

According to his mother, Amal Abdel Fattah Ahmed, Gad was attacked by four men wearing civilian clothing outside his home in Qotour, near Tanta in El-Gharbeyya governorate before being bundled into a central security forces truck.

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