Egyptian Revolution — James Buck Photographs from Mahalla april 2008

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6April strike 2009 أضراب 6 ابريل

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demonstrations against G20 Summit مظاهرات واحتجاجات ضد قمة دول العشرين فى بريطانيا

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Demonstrations Anti-(G20 summit) globilization and War In london

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from Aljazeera

police and security forces are gearing up for a day of protests before the G20 summit in London, with this year’s demonstrations expected to contain a new, angrier, element.

For building contractors suffering as a result of the current economic squeeze, the G20 summit has been good for business.

The City of London, the square mile that marks the financial centre of the capital, has been a hive of activity over the past week.

Builders have moved in to board-up shopfronts and protect doors and windows from the expected arrival of thousands of protesters.

This G20 is proving to be an epic summit, and not just because of the sheer scale of the problem the world leaders are trying to solve. continue

Click here also to watch avideo for protestes

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Meet The Resistance

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