Down Of The Fachist Mubarak In Mahalla سقوط الديكتاتور

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The Truth of this photo : – MB in Mahalla scared to publish it

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kamal, khaled :- SS Thugs IN Mahalla by Egyptian blogger مدون مصرى

kamal and khaled who appear in this photo two of the dirty informers and thugs of the state security pigs in Mahalla Elkubra ,

for the first dog khaled I met him inside the ss in Mhalla during my detaine ,  insulted me so much and tortured  me

for the second informer thug kamal i didn,t met him  before but the MB members in mahalla know him so i would to say this photo not for me but for the muslimbrother hood in mahalla who scared to publish it as they said to me to avoid direct crashing with the regime < I told them i like crashing with this fuckng regime and i realy need to publish this photo

they said ok but please don,t write our names at it , i said ok no problem

i already publish it first at my flickr , didn,t write who got it but i told to my self the muslim brothers hood are saying evey day and fucking our minds that they are the first opposition in the egyptian street < how that >

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Waves of Workers’ Strikes

19 Mar 2009, written by

from Global voices online :-

Like in 2008, this year is witnessing waves of strikes and demonstrations by Egyptian workers in various sectors and organizations. Students, pharmacists, lawyers [Ar], railway drivers, media people and even Microbus drivers and Egyptian street cleaners are all demanding more just rights, protesting against their decreasing incentives or trying to rebel against their poor economic status.

And as usual, Egyptian bloggers are working around the clock to cover almost all demonstrations taking place, through their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr accounts, and by giving those workers a voice.

Going through the post titles in just two Egyptian blogs specialized in covering strikes happening in Egypt – Egyptian Workers by Kareem El Behery andTadamon Masr (or Egyptian Solidarity) – we can outline a chronology of the strikes.

In January:

* 900 workers on strike in Nile cotton company in El Mehalla
* 500 workers in strike, protesting against reducing their incentives
* for the first time, railway workers on strike
* failure of Telemasr workers’ negotiations with management, and the owner threats to stop their wages
* a sit-in for Cleaning agency workers, protesting the non-payment of holiday bonus continue

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BookMarxs 17/3/2009

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The Red Army الجيش الأحمر

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